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Mario Carota Desktop Publishing

320 Churchill Rd.
Hollister, Calif 95023
(831) 636-5290

Welcome. MCP focuses on providing the publications of Mario Carota. Most MCP titles can be downloaded for free from this web page. Compact disk (CD) versions are available for $5.00 each.


  • Diary of a Christian Activist (Hollister, California: MCPublishers, 2009, 108pp. plus multiple pages of reference material), by Mario Carota. (CD: ISBN 0-----------.
    Click here for a downloadable copy of this book in HTML format. The book includes a number of pictures, but these are not present in the HTML document. The PDF copy of the same book that is listed in the next paragraph does have the pictures. The HTML upload program, which is part of the web provider's system, probably allows for pictures to be included within HTML uploads, but we have not yet been able to figure out how to do it.

    Click here for a downloadable PDF formatted copy of this book. It has the images that are not available in the HTML format above.

    Click here for a downloadable book review of this work by Melissa Flores titled “Local recalls the days when his family lived the lives of missionaries helping others in the U.S. and Mexico,” which appeared in Weekend Pinnacle News (Hollister, California: August 14, 2009).

  • WE WANT ZERO INTEREST (Hollister, California: 2006) by ESTELLE FIELD and Mario Carota (ISBN ----------------). This is an earlier version of Diary of a Christian Activist. It has illustrations.
    Click here for a downloadable copy of this book.

  • Everybody Dreams (Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada: Carota Creations, 1981, 308pp) by Mario Carota (ISBN 373312933, LC HD 319 P7 C29 1981) (rural development and economic policy)
    Click here for information about obtaining this book.

  • HOW INTEREST CAUSES ECONOMIC CHAOS (Hollister, California: 2009, 21pp) by Mario Carota (ISBN ----------------.
    -. Click here for a downloadable copy of this essay.
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